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There are no trendy colors for our hair!

Fashion says so.

A contradiction that has always existed in beauty salons. When our customers sit down on the seats with the idea of changing their look, our goal is to advise the right combination of color and style to enhance the unique beauty of their hair. It was therefore never a trend but a personalized consultation. Precisely for this reason the “trendy” colors never vanish, but are always revisited, modernized and never out. For the new season, therefore, yes to blond, brown and red, but never monochromatic. Now it is necessary to debunk a myth. Or rather, we must update ourselves on a concept: the word trend is old style and must be replaced by the word «advice».

“It’s the only real moment when the hair stylist can understand, touch and interpret the unique beauty of each person,” says Rossano Ferretti, hair stylist of the stars and Global Ambassador Coty Professional Beauty. And he adds: “It makes no sense to talk about fringe at Jennifer Lawrence or about red like Jessica Chastein, this way of understanding styling and color is against the very concept of beauty”. It is really true, each hair has its own nuance of colors and beautiful shades to enhance and make them look perfect.

Here we are talking about light (and not color) for the Fall / Winter 2019. A brightness created with different shades of color within the same mixture. The multi-brown, for example, is possible thanks to the expert hands of the colorist who uses different techniques to achieve the pure color that is rich in different colors inside. Obviously without ever forgetting that the best color technology is necessary to obtain the best result. Magicolor by Kléral is it! Its regenerating properties of vitamins A, B3, and C enhance the beauty of the hair giving it the desired color.

A tip: As the hair stylist of the stars says next season we will still see the crazy colors but only if they come out of the concept of crazy and will be considered as an integral part of a full color range. This is why Kléral is ready with its Magicolor Fantasy pop color range.