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A brand for styling

A super vegetable for professionals

To get a good styling it is necessary to start from the beginning: a CORRECT cleansing, a CORRECT hydration and a CORRECT way to blow dry the hair. SILK STRAIGHT products by KLÉRAL are the most suitable to create a perfect base. In fact it is the line preferred by stylists as it contains the MORINGA OIL rich in unsaturated fats, vitamins and minerals, perfect for the health and well-being of the scalp. Especially indicated for “thirsty” hair, in fact this oil rich in vitamin E is great for hydrating and making hair strong and vital.

A tip: To ensure that the treatment is highly effective, distribute the product on the washed and wet hair from the root to the tips; leave on for 20 min. Then blow dry the hair and pass the straightening plate on each lock several times (at least 5 times), then rinse. Take a few moments longer, because nature’s superpowers need time!