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Change your head

This year it will not be difficult to change hair color, creativity never fails, but above all the perfect product never fails! Magicolor by KLÉRAL has endless colors, classic, metallic and electric. Now some advice for this summer as we are still in time for a perfect and creative look change.

Chocolate at will! Dark chocolate, hazelnut, marron glacé, or cappuccino and coffee. These are the shades of the most fashionable hair color. The brown warmed by clearer contrasts and softened by vibrant and luminous nuances, is the right choice if you have a passionate but at the same time reserved character, a little mysterious . To surprise, choose Mauve chocolate, a very dark brown base with mauve, cherry or burgundy reflections, seen on the sweet Lily Collins.

A bath in the Golden Honey and wheat matured in June, is the coolest blond, perfect for those with a medium to dark complexion. Determined, strong and always at the center of attention, golden hair is your weapon of seduction, Gigi Hadid and Blake Lively are the example. The “Golden Brown” is very trendy, the golden brown perfect for blackberries or brown that want to illuminate your complexion.

Pop Mania For the most daring and imaginative hairstyles, here are the top trend colors. Vibrant red, electric blue and fuchsia in a neon or cooler version such as pink, lilac and orange for a memorable look.

A tip: For an even more particular effect, let the color flow on the hair, then comb the hair in an irregular way with a wide comb. Try this technique with pink and silver the effect will amaze you.

Have a blast with imagination, we take care of the professionalism!