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Summer Haircare


The hidden dangers for our hair

Hot, light, life … the sun is synonymous with positivity. Yet, during the summer, if we exaggerate we will face serious damage to our hair.

It seems incredible, but the ultraviolet rays of the sun have a effect similar to bleach: they break the keratin and make our hair dry and faded. A problem especially for dyed hair, where the coloring work can be literally ruined in a single day spent on the beach.
But that’s not all, at the first dive into the sea the danger is around the corner. The saltiness increases the dose on our hair, weakening and ruining it with effects even worse than sunlight.
For this reason do not leave unprepared!
A tip: Our Senjal line offers some of the best allies to combat the damage that sun and sea water can do to our hair.

The first ally we suggest is Eclat Couleur shampoo. Its action nourishes the hair fiber and helps you to preserve the liveliness and brightness of colored hair.
The second ally for your hair is the Forcedensité renewal cream gel. Applied on the hair, it helps to keep them consistent, strong and luminous without weighing them down.
Finally, the third and last ally is Ampol-Silk, a concentrate of vitamin that regenerates the hair fiber and allows to obtain results never achieved before.
Discover the full strength of our Senjal line!