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And what’s your color?

The whole truth about color.

Yes, hair color can really change a person’s appearance. It can make you look a couple of years younger, it can certainly give brightness, can enhance the color of the eyes or complexion. On the other hand, a sufficiently chosen color can harden the features or age. The color of the hair must in fact be chosen based on your complexion, the color of the eyes and the natural base of your hair. An easy way to choose the right hair color may be to  consider that a color is three shades lighter than the natural color or two shades darker. In this way it is difficult to make mistakes.

It all depends on the skin color.

The color of your skin reveals many secrets, in fact if you have a light skin the shades from light to dark work but it is right to choose cold tones for those who have blue eyes  or warm tones if you have dark or brown eyes. Yes to lighter shades with peach or coppery reflections for those with rosy skin, while for olive skin say  yes to caramel red and all warm tones. Do you have freckles? So your color is red or copper.

Every color has its age.

At the age of twenty every choice is legal: light, dark, metal or pastel; at the age of thirty brown colors are preferred with light shades or light balayage. Between 40 and 50 years, however, clear colors win; while light colors with mutishades according to their complexion for over 60s.

An advice: if you have not tried them yet, Kléral has created an entire line to take care of the color of your hair, it is Magifruits the colored balm. A few juices are enough to renew the look, a passage under the water and the hair regains a new light!