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Straight Hair shiny effect!

2019 is expected to be dominated by smooth silky  or natural wavy hairstyle without brushing. Let yourself be inspired by the measure and naturalness.

Among the short cuts, the “blunt bob” comes in first place with a precise helmet cut.

It is a real statement rather than a simple cut, for a strong and decisive woman, this cut of character is clean, with points towards the inside and a micro scaling behind the nape.

Among the medium cuts on the other hand, the carré is quite popular.

With the central or side row, yes to a smooth or medium-textured styling. Even this cut is slightly scaled to give volume, especially near the sides of the face where there are fine and thin hair that require greater consistency.

The 2019 awards the XXL cuts.

Among long hairstyles in fact the scaled cuts dominate to create full volumes and thick foliage I always recommend smooth or slightly wavy, leaving room for the natural “shape” of the hair. The line in the middle is always a must but with a long cut the fringe is the best ally, even here pay attention to the shape of the face. Every face has its fringe.

A tip: for a smooth, natural smooth style, a product is needed that gives hydration and nourishment to the hair for a shiny and full effect. Kléral has decided to create a product line dedicated to this need: PROKERATIN. For a professional straightening effect with keratin and hydrolyzed proteins in three phases, shampoo, fluid and straightening conditioning.