Solidarietà - Capo Verde | Kléral System


Parallel to the full-time commitment in the cosmetics industry, Kléral nurtures its soul with conscience, through various charity works. In fact, a company has been created based in Praia, Cape Verde, which, by marketing its products, allocates all the proceeds to the development of a social-health center for the protection and development of children. At the origin of this initiative, a meeting between Luigi Marianella and the Turin Capuchin friar, Father Ottavio Fasano. From here, the opening of the Kindergarten named « Jardim Letizia and Martina in Cape Verde, built in charity with the contribution of Kléral for the children of the island of Praia, Santa Cruz.

« Santa Cruz and the surrounding areas have a high number of young mothers and children without adequate scholastic support, a need which was answered by the initiative of Kléral and his benefactors. » – Luigi Marianella

This project was carried out in collaboration with the Amses association whose president is Luigi Marianella. The San Francesco social health center, inaugurated in 2002, continues today to work for the good and for the assistance of those in need.