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Bye Bye Dandruff!

Either today or tomorrow and may be every day, hair dandruff is a drama that affects many people. There are those who have to deal with this discomfort every day and those who are luckier, have it occasionally, certainly no one like having a white dusting on the head or jacket. Here are the causes and possible solutions. First of all, what is dandruff actually? Dandruff is an anomaly of the scalp, which affects people of all ages. It is the consequence of the desquamation of the skin of the hair, whose replacement takes place in accelerated and abnormal form. The anti-aesthetic white powder can be dry or greasy. In the first case it is caused by a deep dehydration of the scalp the scales are fine and whitish detach more easily. The head can itch, but there is no hair loss. Fatty dandruff instead has bigger and yellowish scales, the itching of the head can be intense, and hair loss is possible. It is also necessary to know that dandruff is distinguished in physiological dandruff (normal cellular replacement of the scalp), occasional (stress, infections, or aggressive treatments) and pathological (inflammation or dermatitis).

Kléral has created a professional and specific line for scalp and hair problems.

Selenium Anti-dandruff is the perfect solution. An innovative answer thanks to a system of specific functional and sebum-normalizing components that improve the scalp defense, eliminating dandruff and normalizing skin hydration levels and the production of sebum. Formula that, thanks to the selected and active extracts of ruscus, sage, calendula and above all thanks to the presence of eucalyptus and rosemary, prevents dandruff both of dry and oily nature and eliminates its formation after constant use.
An advice: the use of Selenium alone does wonders but nutrition makes the difference: the battle against dandruff is also fought at the table. The best allies are omega 3 and B vitamins. Excellent also green tea, rich in antioxidants.