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Kleraplex is the best ally of hairstylists

To protect hair during all the technical services in the salon. A treatment that goes beyond all expectations, practically indispensable as often the products used for the desired style are chemical or more aggressive than the simple brush. Everything that “treats the hair” tends to damage and stress it. The hair is destructured, causing the so-called disulfide bridges to break down, leaving the hair fragile and dry. The disulfide bridge plays an important role in determining both the structure and the stability of the hair. In some people the formation of these bridges causes the protein chains to partially fold in on themselves, thus giving rise to the phenomenon of curly hair. On the other hand, the “hair straightening” phenomenon is obtained by treating hair with reducing compounds, which initially open the disulfide bridges of keratin and with the subsequent weak oxidizing treatment, brings the disulfide bridges of keratin to regenerate after the mechanical “ironing” took place. To close the ironing treatment, for example, it is necessary to use Kleraplex since it protects and recomposes the hair fiber, recognizing the alteration inside the hair, without intervening on the treatments and their duration.

All this is possible thanks to the natural component of Selaginella the plant of the resurrection also called Falsa Rosa of Jericho, Aloe Vera and the innovative technology of progressive and continuous release of its active ingredients such as Soy, Arginine and Keratin that penetrate the hair deep. Rich in natural oils such as Jojoba oil and sweet almond, Kleraplex restores beauty and health to the hair.

An advice: Use both phases of Kleraplex, the first to multiply and create new keratin bonds the second to intensify and strengthen the hair nourishing them deeply and making them elastic.