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Power of water!

About 1000 people every month type on google “Hair dyes without dangerous substances”. A sign of an increasing awareness of how much the colors are polluting and an object of concern for our health. Unfortunately, the increase in color can corresponds to a vertiginous increase of allergic reactions that are shown in less serious situations such as simple redness of the skin up to get into poisoning and much more complex reactions. Here we are always more eagerly looking for hair dyes that are eco-friendly and delicate on our skin.

AQUACOLOR is a gentle permanent powder coloring, which is activated simply with water and contains no ammonia. DOES NOT NEED ANY ADDITION OF PEROXIDE or EMULSION OXIDANT (!)

Its sweet formula has no lightening effect, but its high toning power allows you to perfectly cover white hair, ensuring a natural, bright and long lasting color.

Preparation: wear appropriate protective equipment, gloves and cap. Equipped with a precision balance. Use potable water for mixing. To obtain an excellent result, it is advisable to respect the recommended doses, weighing all the components to be mixed. Application: First time coloring, coverage of the regrowth and high presence of white hair (more than 30%): follow the MIXING RATIO 1: 6. In a non-metallic container, pour 10 gr of Aquacolor powder of the desired color, add 60 ml of water and mix well. Apply the obtained mixture on the hair following the usual procedure for the coloring service. Leave on for 40-45 minutes (depending on the percentage of white hair to be covered and the hair’s absorption capacity). Wash the hair with a special post-color shampoo, repeating the operation if necessary, rinse very well, proceed with the desired style.