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Even Men have to take good care of their hair

Even Men have to take good care of their hair

If we were to look for a common denominator to identify the general trend for the male style, we could say that the medium-short cuts are the driving forces: the excesses (in both directions) in terms of length seem out, while on the half measures we manages to play a lot in the key to a creative, defined and cared style, with a little ‘vanity. There is a lot to do: cuts with the line, long, short faded, shaved and with the long tuft, brought forward like a fringe or combed backwards instead. Here is a guide to choose your style best.

Let’s start with short – very short hair cut
The short cut is easy to handle, ideal for jumping from the office to leisure time without ever looking out of place. The short military style hair cut still remains fashionable: suitable for young men but not only. In the ’60s, in fact, the man who had such hair cut who is still considered the king of style: Steve McQueen. The short hair trend for men 2019, however, points to male cuts combed backwards.

The tuft.
Spectacular with short hair on the sides or with medium long hair, it is one of the very strong autumn / winter 2019 trends. Long live the irregularity and the messed up style, for a more rebellious character. Indispensable for this style is a thick and healthy hair, without any “emptiness”
The top for the defined style instead is the side line that never goes out of fashion. The length of the tuft and the degree of “order” to be given to the hair, however, can vary greatly depending on the shape of the face, age and the choice to shave or grow a beard.

Now let’s talk about the long hair.
It will find space in natural and soft hairstyles, not particularly aggressive. Who has a thick hair without stencils and an allure enough light-hearted to afford it, can try with an “important” tuft on a length climbed up to the ear

Tip: Let your hair choose for you! The idea of the moment is not so much to correct and “recreate” but the one that your hair type (smooth, curly, rough, untidy, thin …) defines the type of cut and style more suited to the features and the personality. Kléral has chosen for you the Black Out line that is essential for sculpting and defining your style.