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Tips for the care of the beloved beard!

For a barber, the first fundamental thing for the success of a good job is to be able to “work” on a good basis: the beautiful thick beard! Every self-respecting beard needs care, even more important than good genetic growth. In fact, not all men can boast a nice growth of their beard. But do not worry sometimes other factors can affect the lack of growth in a beard, such as stress or “rubbing assiduously”. In fact, the latter weakens the beard or it can even removel the root of the hair. Dear barbers, always remember to recommend an optimal facial care with a good nourishing cleanser and above all with moisturizing creams to stimulate the growth of the beard.
Like the hair, the beard is always composed of hairs, and as such, they need care, as well as the underlying skin. First of all the washing. Cleanse the beard at least twice a week with specific shampoos. Also remind your customers that whenever they are going to eat something, the beard comes into contact with food and this can cause greasiness and bad smells, tthis is why it is very important to cleanse, cleanse and cleanse.
The second step to having an Oscar beard is to create the perfect style suited to our client’s style and to the shape of his face. Let us give you some examples to satisfy and above all astonish our client.

The Hollywoodian beard stands out for its well-separated whiskers and beard, very suitable for square faces because it softens the hard edges of the face. They chose it for Leonardo Di Caprio in the film that finally gave him the Oscar.

The goatee for round faces. Being concentrated in the lower part of the face, it slims and lengthens this type of facial shape. Let yourself be inspired by James Hetfield of Metallica.Hollywood mustache perfect for cone-shaped faces restore the proportions of the face. Also recommended for those with small and thin lips. Jude Law will be your model.

The natural and apparently uncultivated Hunter beard is the result of precision, consisting of a medium-length beard on the cheeks and not quite defined under the jaw. Perfect if the face is rectangular with chin and elongated forehead, Gerard Butler is very fond of this style.

For the more eccentric handlebar mustache. Suitable for diamond faces: roundish with a fairly thin and not squared chin. Chef Rubio known beyond for his fantastic taste, also for his style.

Tip: Lose a few minutes more to study your face, the result will be surprising: harmony and balance for the customer equally demanding, even if man. Ah, of course, Brizzolina by KLÉRAL. Your only ally!