Hair Straightening Cream

A straightening cream specifically formulated for straightening both curly and wavy hair. Also suitable for use on dyed and permed hair.
INSTRUCTION FOR USE: apply the product to dry hair, even if unwashed, distributing the product on each lock of hair up to half a centimetre from the scalp. Leave to act for 15 minutes. Then use a large toothed
comb to comb the hair towards the centre of the head; comb in the various directions for 15 minutes, distributing the product throughout the scalp. If using a hair dryer or other heat sources, the product
should be left for half this time. Rinse out thoroughly, always combing, so that all traces of the product are removed. Complete with a light shampoo. Neutralise using a universal perm neutraliser.
Leave to act for 5 minutes and then rinse thoroughly, whilst continuing to comb the hair.
For touch-ups: distribute the product on damp hair after a light shampoo and reduce the application time.
Contains ammonia and thioglycolic acid. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.