Conditioning oil for all types of hair

Huile d’Argan has a special texture that makes it immediately absorbable, leaving your hair naturally smooth as silk. Huile d’Argan regenerates hair that has been damaged by environmental agents and the chemicals that can be found in other products and treatments. Styling and applying the finishing touches: Huile d’Argan is for use after your shampoo and conditioner. Massage just a small amount deeply into damp hair with the palms of your hands. Then set as normal. Protection: Huile d’Argan is useful for treating hair that has become frizzed by environmental agents (humidity, wind, etc.). A few drops will be enough to apply to the dry hair. Color: Huile d’Argan softens the hair and prepares it to absorb colorings whilst adding sheen, bounce and very intense tones. Apply 5 ml of Huile d’Argan over the entire head of hair before coloring, without rinsing; apply the dye or bleaching product, adding a further 5 ml of Huile d’Argan to the mix. Huile d’Argan revives, hydrates and untangles hair, wigs and extensions.

70ml e fl.oz. 2.36
150ml e fl.oz. 5.07