Cremdecò represents a bleaching revolution. Designed to meet users’ needs, it allows leaching as and more than bleaching powders do, eliminating all their inconveniences. Cremdecò has the same lightening power as powders have, as its formula is without mmonia, moreover it is enriched by vegetable oils and it takes care of both skin and hair, protecting them against the negative action of the lightening elements. Unlike powders, it does not disperse into the environment, avoiding all the typical bothersome irritations of powders, it does not need any specific technique neither to be prepared nor to be applied: simply mixing it with an OXIDIZING EMULSION, it allows getting a perfect homogeneous mix very rapidly. (Please do not use liquid oxidizer). Cremdecò does not swell, does not dry, does not release any liquid and it not only allows to fulfil all the required lightening tones, but it can also reduce the laying times, checking therefore both skin and hair stress. Cremdecò will also be appreciated by the most demanding customer, thanks to its creamy and soft aspect, its mellow smell, the reduced laying times and its easy use, all features which make it a unique and innovatory product. Cremdecò applications are so many thanks to its lightening power up to six
tones: streak, sun-strikes, light-baths are rapidly realised respecting hair structure; with Cremdecò it is also possible to pickle cosmetic colouring.

PREPARATION: the tube is shared into some notches which allow an easy sample of the required quantity of Cremdecò: into a non-metallic container, pour the needed quantity of Cremdecò and add the oxidizer (ONLY EMULSION OXIDIZER) according to the proportions shown in the table below. Mix with a brush until a homogeneous cream is obtained; please wait for 30-60 seconds before applying: in this way the product will get the most suitable consistence to be used.

USE INSTRUCTIONS: apply it as usual. After bleaching and before applying any kind of colouring, a light shampoo is suggested. If heating sources are used (for streak only), please halve the laying times.