Straightening treatment indicated for dry, and damaged hair. The straightening action provides nourishment to the hair fiber, solving the problem of hair breakage, removing frizz. The two-stage AFROKERATIN treatment goes beyond the capabilities of normal straighteners. Thanks to the formaldehyde-free keratin protein, it allows a perfect straightening by reconstituting the ends of the driest hair. REPAIRING and NOURISHING the hair, giving volume and thickness.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply the product on dry hair, even if dirty, distributing lock by lock with a brush along the entire length, up to half a centimetre from the skin. Leave on about 15 minutes. With a wide comb, comb the hair towards the centre of the head; for 15 minutes comb several times in different directions, distributing the product to the skin. If you wish to use the vaporizer or other heat sources, half the laying time. Always rinse thoroughly, combing until any residue of the product is removed. Finish with a light shampoo. Neutralize with Afrokeratin 2. For a touch up: distribuite on damp hair after a light shampoo and reduce the laying time. Fixing in cream: Aafter removing the Afrokeratin 1, apply the fixation over the entire hair. Leave on for 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.
500ml e fl.oz. 16.90