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Kléral laboratories have developed a special and exclusive formula, based on the best plant-based vegetable extracts from apple in the cosmetic market, to create a new line of professional products able to take care of hair in a sweet and natural way. Biogenesis is the revolutionary line containing APPLE STEM CELLS. These are native cells, “young” and undifferentiated having the characteristic of replicating themselves in an identical way, or of differentiating themselves into other specialized cells. Recently, their use in the medical and aesthetic fields has become very important, because these cells have a high and natural REGENERATING POWER, and therefore allow to effectively counteract the aggressions of oxidizing agents, reduce inflammatory processes and to maintain and improve wellbeing and the beauty of the whole organism.

Other natural ingredients are present in the product as Ginseng, Green Tea, Mint and Camellia, which thanks to their antibacterial, antiseptic and strengthening effects, protect the body from the aggression of external agents, which often cause disorders to the scalp and skin.

A disorder that often afflicts our hair is hair loss. A problem that does not only afflict men, even if regarding women, it is a phenomenon of a transitory nature. The triggers of hair loss are different.

Stress: stress alopecia can be more or less severe, but do not worry. In general, in fact, stress stops the growth of new hair, so at the physiological and normal moment of the fall of old hair, the new ones are less.

The change of season: it was observed that during the mid seasons, spring and autumn, more hair is lost

Environmental pollution and finally aggressive cosmetic treatments: some substances contained in hair products can cause them to fall. It is therefore important to choose the right hair product. For example, the energizing REINFORZANTE and ANTICADUTA ENERGY shampoo from the Biogenesi line stimulate in a natural but intense way the blood circulation of the scalp, giving it necessary strength and energy to counteract internal and external aggressions that can cause weakness and hair loss.

A tip: For a more intensive treatment, Kléral has thought of the ENERGY vials without rinsing. An action-shedding fluid that reactivates blood flow in the scalp, allowing the hair loss to be combated effectively. A real burst of energy for strong and healthy hair!