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Health and beauty for hair.

Taking care of your hair is an extra attention that we must allow ourselves, especially in winter. Great allies in this mission are the flax seeds that can guarantee greater growth and shine to the hair thanks to their different properties.

The Vitamin E.

Antioxidant, increases blood circulation in the scalp by slowing the appearance of white hair.

The regulation of the sebum and the pH balance.

These two factors are very important for the speed with which the hair grows. Flax seeds help to remove the inflammation of the sebaceous glands so that they produce the right amount of sebum useful for the healthy development of the hair. They limit hair loss and dandruff formation.

Omega 3.

Essential to hair growth, it nourishes the follicles making them stronger and more elastic.

There are still many beneficial properties of this prodigious ingredient, but for our hair Kléral has created a dedicated product line: Semi di Lino. A concentrate of natural active ingredients, created to give dry and lifeless hair an intense and deep nourishment to make it soft and elastic.