Riprese di backstage | Kléral System


Alessia and her journey through the iconic eras of style and trends.

Shooting 2019

The influencer and our testimonial Alessia Prete will guide us, with a photographic story, through the different phases of fashion, style and hair care. Kléral, from the past to the present, is a forerunner of trends and news.

The theme is “Hairstory”

Re-interpreting the unforgettable hairstyles that have characterized the world of hair, until today. The first inspiration takes us back to the Fifties: the era of pin-up, teddy boys and Grease.  A period that, has mostly marked the evolution of women, outlining the first models of contemporary femininity in which it’s based.

Strong and independent, Alessia represented the most famous Pin Up poses, together with Silvia, Francesca, Marika, Giorgia and Stefano.

Scroll the gallery to live the Fifties again with Kléral!

Special thanks to the hairdressers who took part at the event: Nicola Landolina, Silvia Vieni, Lucia Vessichelli. Thanks also to the location City Motors Pianezza and the wonderful clothes designed by Marta Scarampi, Turin.


Concept and Videomaking by Jabé.