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The desire of the right blonde!

There are so many shades of blond that can be recreated, from platinum blond to bronde, from strawberry to caramel blond, there is something for everyone! Let’s discover together the 8 shades of blond, let yourself be inspired.

Classic blond.

The Marilyn blonde, iconic, for those who have light skin and hazel eyes, not necessarily blue, in fact this shade of blond very much highlights the dark eye. Marilyn is proof of this! Attention to the volumes, the more the classic blond hair is voluminous the more the face will appear luminous and less pale.

Ash blond.

Suitable for all ages, ideal for shatush that helps to mask re-growth. A very elegant shade and perfect for all complexions.

Platinum blonde.

A very difficult shade to wear, in fact suitable for complexions with a cold undertone, because platinum tends to “yellow” the nuance of the skin. Attention to regrowth could be a great inconvenience. GREAT PERSONALITY,CANDID SKIN  AND MANY MANY CARE!

Dark blonde.

It appears natural and is the most popular color in the salon.

Honey blonde.

Also called blonde wheat, catches the light, suitable for those with a warm undertone of the skin. Young and kissed by the sun this shade of blond goes very well with a tanned complexion to get a real Californian look.

Caramel blond.

It softens the face and makes it very sunny. Its nuances tend to bronze rather than golden. Very nice if in addition you lit some strands to create a full blond.

Strawberry blonde.

From the coppery reflections it is an ideal combination of blond and red, it reflects a lot of light and the clear eyes stand out. This year its coolest shade is also very trendy


Perfect mix of brown and blond, very popular among the stars and is especially suitable for those who want to lighten their hair. It is a customizable shade because more or less light reflections can be added.

And which blonde does inspire you? What is your favourite shade?

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