Insegna | Kléral System


«Study and experimentation on the field of trends around the world, drawing from them the Italian personalization: this is Kléral.» – Luigi Marianella


The Kléral was founded in Turin in 1968 by the Marianella family.

The Piedmontese industrial tradition, the experience and the appreciated «made in Italy» quality have made the Kléral, over the years, a leading company in conquering national and international markets, maintaining a constant development trend. In 2009, the Kléral won, in fact, the Okay Italy award for the category: Internationalization and excellence of the territory.

In its growth the company has proven itself, the guarantor of qualitative and distributive uniformity of value for the brand, an objective pursued also through the participation in the various Confindustria (General Confederation of Italian Industry) missions in the countries that are considered strategic.
Progress, intuition and passion are the consequent results of a constant look at market demands, involving industry experts, devoted to listen every customer request at 360 degrees.

In Moncalieri, with manufacturing plant, laboratories and management offices, today lives a highly internationalized company, with a high percentage of turnover deriving from sales abroad. The commitment of Mr. Marianella has resulted in an import-export network that has allowed the Kléral to develop a brand identity in the world, with overall turnover in constant growth and good prospects for the future.


Avant-garde and research, quality and tradition. This is Kléral’s mission: to recount female beauty in the union of history and experimentation. A perfect synergy between elements, so different to be proven complementary.